Frederick track mom files suit, asks for $9M

In my occasional rambling posts to The Daily Record’s assorted blogs, I’ve touched on my fears. Unjust arrest. The whole of the outdoors. Well, here’s another for the tally: groups of child athletes and their parents.

A recent Maryland lawsuit reminded me of this particular terror.

Roxanne Beal of Frederick, Md. has filed suit in federal court in Baltimore against the Board of Education for Frederick County and a whole slew of state employees. She alleges — among other things — violation of her civil rights, defamation, false arrest and assault and battery. She’s asking for a total of $9 million in damages.

And all because of a county track meet.

The tale is a long one, beginning with a comment in a restroom and ending with banishment from all school functions. You can read the complaint here.

Note several important life lessons:

• Never talk to strangers. Especially in restrooms.
• Always have an exit strategy in place before entering a room. Especially a restroom.
• Never start a conversation with a teenager. If they initiate a conversation, make it as brief as possible.
• It’s really best if you just stay indoors and away from people.

JOE BACCHUS, Web Specialist