Law blog roundup

Welcome to Monday and the start of the Ravens’ season. But before the (football) birds battle the Bengals, here are some items to discuss while you tailgate.

– Do homeless people have a reasonable expectation of privacy?

– Did a defense attorney for O.J. Simpson tamper with the “bloody glove“?

– Should a female golfer be permitted to play on the boys’ team?

– May the survivors of an alleged massacre by a paramilitary group sue the leader of the nation where the killings occurred?

Well, that’s one way to pay for law school

Brackets, shmackets — Give me a good half-court shot with five figures on the line any day. From Georgetown Law comes this video of student Aladdin Jaloudi sinking it during Home Court 24, the annual fundraiser that pits Georgetown law professors against members of Congress. Final score: Hoya Lawyas 49, Hill’s Angels 61, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless $415,000,  and Jaloudi, $10,000.

Not bad, for a second-year.

HT: Former Daily Record-er Richard Simon, now the web editor at GULC.