Gadgets aplenty at Consumer Electronics Show

Frank Gorman of Gorman & Williams was in Las Vegas last week for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. On Friday, the intellectual property lawyer offered an overview of the expo. Today, he provides a list of gadgets and products that grabbed his attention.

CES 2011 ended Sunday. More than 130,000 registered attendees walked through 1.5 million square feet of exhibit space looking at a wide range of consumer electronic products. While it is impossible to see everything CES has to offer, each person comes away with a sense of what’s hot, what’s not, what’s unique, and when to pass.

1. LG’s Smart TV. This wall-mounted, flat-screen, high-definition TV incorporates all the streaming entertainment and social networking features of your PC or laptop. The TV has a USB and RJ45 ethernet ports. You can download apps, send e-mails, stream a Netflix-provided movie, etc.

No keyboard is provided, but you could use a wireless keyboard or use an app that makes your iPhone keyboard work on the TV. There were several CES exhibitors promoting these “Smart TVs,” and this term has become generic. Check out LG’s offerings here.

Meanwhile, what happened to 3D TV?  It was the star of CES 2011 and was promoted again this year, especially by Sony, but 3D has not taken off the tarmac.

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Raising a stink over an iPhone app

I am simply going to cut the cheese – I mean, cut to the chase – and say this post is about digital farting.

Specifically, the flatulence apps available for the iPhone. In one corner is iFart; the other, Pull My Finger. IFart is seeking a declaratory judgment allowing it to use the phrase “pull my finger” in its ads, which Pull My Finger’s parent company claims is trademark infringement.

The suit was filed in February, and you can read about the case here. I also highly recommend reading iFart’s lawsuit, specifically paragraphs 11 through 13, for an actual legal discussion related to passing gas.

I bring all of this up because last night, The Daily Show ran a story on the legal rumblings. I’m just glad none of this is scratch-and-sniff.

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That didn’t take long

The little squirt who unlocked the iPhone has announced he’ll be trading the reworked gadget to a Kentucky-based cell phone repair company in exchange for a “sweet” Nissan 350Z.

George Hotz, who I first blogged about last week, will also receive 3 8GB iPhones, which he says he’ll send to the online friends who helped him outsmart AT&T.

“This has been a great end to a great summer,” Hotz, of New Jersey, wrote on his blog.

Is it wrong to be so jealous of a high schooler?

-JACKIE SAUTER, Daily Record Multimedia Editor