Law blog roundup

DetroitWelcome to the first Tuesday in September. Here are some news items to get this post-Labor Day week started.

– An American city tries to emerge from bankruptcy.

– China holds an open trial.

– What is the most dangerous position in football? Inquiring workers’ compensation lawyers want to know.

– Did Chicago’s Metra invite a lawsuit?

Law blog roundup

scalesofjusticeimageWelcome to Monday, the 92nd anniversary of the first radio broadcast of a baseball game. Here are some news items to get the week started.

– Turkish court sets the price for a failed coup attempt.

– Online gun sales might provide a show-like loophole.

– Buying someone a drink has landed one Texas man in big trouble.

– Court-martial of accused Fort Hood shooter begins Tuesday — nearly four years after deadly rampage.



Law blog roundup

Chris DavisWelcome to Monday, the first day of the All-Star break. Here are some news items to consider before the Home Run Derby.

– Federal court’s plan to handle New York police lawsuits draws fire.

– California trial lawyers mount ballot initiative to raise cap on non-economic damages.

– Passengers in San Francisco plane crash will not be treated equally.

– Former Chinese labor-camp inmate wins compensation.

Law blog roundup

Welcome to Tuesday and game two of the Battle of the Beltways. Here are some pregame news items.

– A man who helped give rise to many a Constitutional Law and bar exam question has died.

– President Obama will play Pick Three.

– Millions may have overstayed their welcome.

– Roger Clemens may have cheated off the diamond.

Law blog roundup

Bananas FosterWelcome to Monday and a reminder to reserve your infield spot for Saturday. Here are some news items to get your week started.

– Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg criticizes Roe v. Wade.

– The family of NHL player sues National Hockey League for wrongful death.

– Male lawyers will don stilettos to make a point.

– The family behind the Bananas Foster fights over its New Orleans restaurant.


Law blog roundup

Welcome to Monday, the 98th anniversary of Baltimore native Babe Ruth’s first major league home run. Here are some news items to get your week started.

– The West, Texas, fertilizer plant was woefully under insured.

– Is there “a fundamental right … to engage in intimate contact“?

– A new book on The Roberts Court will hit stores this week.

– Businesses speak well of the aforementioned court.

Law blog roundup

George JonesWelcome to the final Monday of April, a day to recall singing siblings. Here are some news items to get your week started.

– Russian parole hearings can get messy.

– Michael Jackson’s family heads to court in case against concert promoter.

– Fired football coach wins nearly $3.5 million court award — in England.

– Justice Clarence Thomas was a fan of country crooner George Jones.

Law blog roundup

Dzhokar TsarnaevWelcome to Monday, and the 110th anniversary of the first game played by the New York Highlanders (later, and better known, as the Yankees). Here are some news items to get your week started.

– Where should Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev be tried?

– Should Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy apologize to gun makers?

– Does a car passenger have the right to leave the vehicle after the driver’s arrest for alleged drunk driving?

– Justice might be delayed but not denied in Brazil.

Law blog roundup

NCISWelcome to Monday and the final day of the 2013 Maryland General Assembly session. Here are a few news items to get the week started.

– The dean of the Supreme Court press corps explains the same-sex marriage cases to a foreign audience.

– The National Football League will urge federal judge to kick a lawsuit out of court.

– A friend’s call for a Navy investigation of an alleged suicide sounds like an “NCIS” episode.

– New York politicians urge city to settle lawsuit that followed 1990 attack on Central Park jogger.