Taking stock (of our stock page)

One of the biggest changes in newspaper business sections over the last 10 or so years has been how daily stock market information is presented.

Heck, the fact that we call it “daily” information says it all. The stock market changes every second. And, unlike 10 years ago, it doesn’t stop changing at 4 p.m., when the markets close in New York. Papers have gone from running four or five or even six pages of listings to — in many cases — no listings at all.

The challenge has become to provide readers with information that they can’t easily get elsewhere (unless, of course, they have a Bloomberg terminal, one of the greatest financial toys, err, tools in the history of the world).

We’re fairly certain that the vast majority of Daily Record readers weren’t tearing through our paper to get to what we used to call our “Marketplace” page to see how their portfolio did the day before. At best, the information was outdated and hard to read. Starting Friday, with a big assist from the data wizards at Bloomberg, we’ve changed that.

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