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Andy Baida: Don’t underestimate sneakiness

A friend who occasionally offers appellate-related topics for me to write about recently suggested an article on proposed changes to the Maryland Rules governing the style and form of briefs and other papers filed in the appellate courts.

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Donald C. Fry: Is climate change for business ahead?

Three years ago, a report issued by business leaders at the Greater Baltimore Committee noted a “disconnect” between the private sector and many government leaders over the issue of Maryland’s business climate.

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C. Fraser Smith: Candidates talk to … not you

Sniping, snarky, negative campaigns are a turn-off for many voters. But strategists insist they work: Mudslingers win.

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Marquett Smith: Domestic violence doesn’t stay home

Every year, October marks a month-long awareness campaign, led primarily by advocates and survivors, on the impact of domestic violence on families, communities and workplaces.

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