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  • Study: Female law profs more frequently cited

    Study: Female law profs more frequently cited

    Good news for female law professors: your law review articles are cited an average of 30 percent more often than male law professors’ work, according to an article published on the Social Science Research Network.

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Editorial Advisory Board: The rest of the story

Several years ago this Board wrote a column titled, “Letting Criminals Loose to Become Killers.” It was a reaction to the senseless death of Stephen Pitcairn at the hands of John Wagner, who was on probation at the time of the murder.

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Stephen Carter: Don’t condemn Sony’s decision

The decision by Sony Pictures to cancel the Christmas Day opening of “The Interview,” a raunchy comedy in which two American journalists try to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, has brought the company in for some hard knocks.

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C. Fraser Smith: Civil rights train keeps rolling

We thought the civil rights thing — the demonstrations, the clenched fists, the boycotts — all of that was behind us. Unless we listened to those who knew.

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Donald C. Fry: Transit must connect workers, jobs

New research on Baltimore-area mobility starkly frames compelling transit challenges facing the Greater Baltimore region.

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