Reader Rankings – Technology

Information technology is one of the key industries boosting the state’s thriving economy. More than 11,000 Mayland-based businesses are annually awarded nearly $10 billion in federal contracts, generating more than $39 billion in economic activity and propelling the state as a national leader in the competitive industry, according to the Maryland Department of Commerce. Thanks to one-of-a-kind assets like U.S. Cyber Command, high-tech business incentives and a workforce and education pipeline, many top businesses such as the ones cited below have found Maryland ideal. The top firms listed below are ready to take on the job of safeguarding systems, recovering data, making websites and more.

Best Cybersecurity Firm
1. Dunbar Armored
2. Plan B Technologies
3. CyberCore Technologies

Best Data Recovery
1. DataTech Labs Data Recovery Engineers
2. Plan B Technologies
2. SOS Technology Group
3. Devnix Inc.

Best Internet Service Provider
1. Verizon Fios
2. WindStream

Best IT Outsourcing

1. SOS Technology Group
2. DP Solutions
3. Horsetail Tech

Best Web Design Firm
1. R2integrated
1. Applied Technology Group
1. Adventure Web Interactive
2. TB&C
3. LMO