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Getting to ‘No’

Roger Fisher and William Ury wrote a book over 30 years ago, “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In“. Some of you may have seen, heard of, or have read the book, as it is used in college and ...

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Residents demand community hires from EBDI

"If we don't work, nobody works!" chanted about 200 East Baltimore residents as they marched through the streets Tuesday morning toward the offices of EBDI, a nonprofit working to redevelop the area. Led by Baltimore Community Churches United, the group demanded to be hired in upcoming construction projects at the 88-acre site.

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Bon Secours ready to aid community

In 2007, Bon Secours Hospital, which services a troubled West Baltimore neighborhood, was operating $15 million in the red and was facing an uncertain future. On Friday, hospital officials said the institution had righted the sinking ship, shored up its ...

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UMB community is full of merger questions

Students and faculty members at the University of Maryland, Baltimore expressed apprehension Thursday about a proposed merger of that school and the state’s flagship campus in College Park. The University System of Maryland is studying the potential merger under a ...

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Community challenges new EBDI plan

During a second contentious meeting in two weeks, a group of Middle East residents Thursday night challenged a new plan for the massive redevelopment of their community by East Baltimore Development Inc. For more than an hour, about 50 angry ...

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New grassroots organization formed in Middle East

Middle East residents have formed a grassroots organization to advocate for increased voting representation on the East Baltimore Development Inc. board because they believe they have been excluded from making key decisions in the $1.8 billion redevelopment effort. The mobilization ...

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