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Christine Osazuwa

Christine Osazuwa

Christine Osazuwa

Web and Social Media Coordinator
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Christine Osazuwa thrives on being a Type A personality and that’s good for her hometown.

In addition to being the web and social media coordinator at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, the 2011 graduate (bachelor’s degree in music entrepreneurship and journalism) mentors undergraduates. She teaches classes at Betamore, and with her fiancé, sponsored a scholarship at Betamore to teach female high school and college students how to code. “I hope that my presence in the Baltimore tech world encourages other young women to get involved,” she said.

Osazuwa, who earned an MBA from Loyola University of Maryland in 2014, has started a marketing and front-end web development business ( to help businesses in Baltimore. “I work with small- to medium-sized companies so they can understand their customers better through web analytics, marketing strategy, and web optimization,” she said. “I give people the information and tools they need to grow.”

She also nurtured her love of art by volunteering at the Walters Art Museum and Baltimore Museum of the Arts. “No matter how many business classes I take, art will always be my first love,” she said.

In writing for and the blog on her website, Osazuwa has tried to inspire openness among young people. “I’ve been doing my best to make it easier to talk about things we’re not supposed to talk about, as well as provide guidance for those starting to get interested in tech.”