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Emily C. Rogers

Emily C. Rogers

Emily C. Rogers

Assistant Director
Law Career Development Office
University of Baltimore School of Law

Emily C. Rogers measures her success by the success of her students. As assistant director of the University of Baltimore’s Law Career Development Office, Rogers is used to coaching students and building them up as they struggle with courses, externships and job searches.

Recently she reassured a student who performed poorly in an interview and prepared her for her next interview. She was hired for the second job. “The work can be challenging at times, but it’s very rewarding when a student nails an interview or chooses a fulfilling career path,” she said.

Rogers, who earned a law degree from the university in 2012, urges law students and young lawyers to take on pro bono work. “I love watching students and lawyers who have not done (pro bono) getting involved, and seeing them experience its rewards,” she said.

Rogers does pro bono work for Senior Legal Services. In her first case, she helped a 90-year-old man recover his money after a funeral home went out of business without putting his money in an escrow account. “Helping the vulnerable elderly population has been exceptionally rewarding.”

Rogers is proud her work allows her to make a difference. “I am lucky that I get to give back to my community every day through my students and pro bono work,” she said.