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Kultar Bindra

Kultar S. Bindra

Kultar S. Bindra

Financial Advisor
UBS Financial Services Inc.

As an undergraduate at Salisbury University, Kultar S. Bindra first wanted to be a teacher, to make a difference in the lives of young people who would go on to change the world.

“But during the height of the financial crisis, I realized that I should hold myself to that same standard,” he said.

At the time, he was working 50-plus hour weeks at an AT&T store to fund his college education. His family had immigrated from India when he was a child and he had learned to save as he watched his family’s struggle to establish financial security. That experience gave him the insight and determination to help financial clients find a way to pay for their children’s education or other goals.

“You want to make sure all your hopes and dreams you have for your kids and your retirement, (that) you’re going to be able to make it come true,” Bindra, 27, said

Bindra spent his early career making hundreds of cold calls every day. From there, he forged long-term relationships and saw firsthand how he could make an impact. His first clients, a middle class family, thanked him for taking the time to reach out to them, even though they weren’t million dollar investors. He said they now feel like family to him.

Bindra holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Salisbury University. He is a mentor through the university’s alumni association and previously served on the Diversity Council of Morgan Stanley.