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Roger G. Isom Jr.

Roger G. Isom Jr.

Roger G. Isom Jr.

Fitness Buddies of McDaniel College

Roger G. Isom Jr. brought his passion for physical fitness and helping his community together four years ago at McDaniel College in Westminster, launching a community fitness program that will continue even though he recently graduated.

Isom’s Fitness Buddies teams Carroll County residents with children from the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster for weekly exercise activities. Most weeks, there are 25 to 30 children working with him and other community mentors, Isom said.

“I created Fitness Buddies as a way to give back to my community,” said Isom, who earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. “I am trying to make a difference in children’s lives by teaching them how to be mindful of their health through physical activity.”

The program has a new president and may expand to other neighboring colleges in the future, said Isom, who will still be involved while pursuing a master’s degree in public health degree this fall at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He also wants to work on more youth health projects in the future.

While at McDaniel, Isom was a Global Fellow and studied in Colombia. “Studying abroad helped me apply a global mentality to my undergraduate studies and leadership in cultural student organizations,” he said. “It was a transformative experience that has helped my work in the Fitness Buddies community.”