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Zachary Peters

Zachary Peters

Zachary A. Peters

Special Projects
Office of the Commissioner
Maryland Insurance Administration

Zachary A. Peters is working to ensure that his hometown, Mount Airy, will continue to grow. Appointed to the town’s Economic Development Commission in 2014, while still a student at Loyola University Maryland, Peters helped revise a zoning ordinance that has allowed a micro-distillery to open downtown.

“This is the kind of economic development our community needs to thrive,” said Peters, a 2015 graduate who earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. “MISCellaneous Distillery is planning to open this summer and will add a new and exciting industry in our impressive roster of businesses.”

Peters is a fourth generation Mount Airy resident and volunteers on the town’s historical society hall of fame selection committee. “We are passionate about rewarding those who have made great efforts to improve our way of life.”

Peters also helps state residents as special projects assistant in the Maryland Insurance Administration, which regulates the insurance industry. He recruits insurance carriers to Maryland to expand the market for consumers.

Eventually Peters hopes for a career in economic development. “I am working to provide a solid foundation for the long-term economic health of my community, and in 20 years, I hope to be in a leadership role that improves the quality of life across the state.”