U.S. District Court, Maryland

<button><b><font face="times">Administrative</font></b></button><b><i>Removal of proceedings before administrative agencies</i>BOTTOM LINE:</b> Motorcycle dealer’s motion to remand action against motorcycle manufacturer to the Motor Vehicle Administration was granted since, pursuant to the functional test, the MVA is not functionally a court and because state interests outweigh federal interests.<b>CASE:</b> Rockville Harley-Davidson, Inc. v. Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Inc., No. JFM-02-1576 (decided Aug. 27, 2002) (Judge MOTZ). RecordFax No. 2-0827-40, 12 pages.<b>COUNSEL:</b> For Rockville-Harley Davidson, Inc, Plaintiff: Miller John Poppleton, Poppleton, Garrett and Polott P.C., Rockville. For Rockville-Harley Davidson, Inc., Plaintiff: Brad D. Weiss, Charapp, Deese, Weiss L.L.P., Washington. For Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Inc., Defendant: Nicholas T. Christakos, Gregory Scott Kaufman, James J. Briody, Sutherland, Asbill and Brennan L.L.P., Was

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