Down to The Wire

The Wire has reached the end of the reel…Yep, after five years of portraying Baltimore as a den of sleaze and corruption with ambitious young politicians making hay out of troubled schools, rampant murder and drug trafficking, production has shut down.And I, for one, am thrilled! Baltimore, a city beset with violence and drugs? Come ...


  1. I will miss The Wire when it’s gone. It’s my favorite television show of all time.

    I love that it allows me a view into the parts of our city that I otherwise wouldn’t know existed — and all without having to leave the comfort of my security system- protected suburban home.

    As a fellow subway rider who gladly exits the city at quitting time, I get a good enough view of the part of Baltimore that City Hall pretends doesn’t exist. I truly appreciate the chance to sit back and see what’s out there without putting myself in harm’s way.

  2. you make it as we black people create the problem,but i know the white people are the ones getting paid that the police also you will never stop it because that the man pay check and we blacks are his labors