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Asti (eventually) stepped down

Well, it looks like Alison Asti can finally sleep at night.

After about seven months of intense media scrutiny, rampant rumors and political infighting, the Maryland Stadium Authority’s executive director is out of a job.

Wednesday, she reached a deal to resign with the MSA board and the Attorney General’s office. A visibly relieved Asti talked to reporters afterward, and, while not happy with losing the job she’s had for 14 years, at least she has the closure.

On the phone Thursday morning, she sounded relaxed and even joked around a bit.

Fred Puddester, the MSA board chairman, also was relieved. He stepped into the MSA in July and was immediately confronted with the political hand grenade that was Asti’s future, litigation with the Orioles and a threatened hunger strike by day laborers.

“This is a tough job,” he joked with reporters after Wednesday’s meeting. Wednesday afternoon, while reporters with looming deadlines sat for three excruciating hours like expectant fathers in one of MSA’s conference rooms, Puddester did his best Henry Kissinger imitation, going back and forth between the board, Asti and J.B. Howard — deputy attorney general — brokering a deal that would make everyone happy.

In the end, it seems to have worked. The board approved her resignation unanimously and now all that’s missing is the dotting of the I’s, the crossing of the T’s and the approval of the Board of Public Works. But take it from someone who has been covering this story with so many peaks and valleys for a while now, until the ink is dry on the agreement anything can happen.

So, do you think Asti was treated fairly? What happens at the MSA next?

Let us know what you think.

-LOUIS LLOVIO, Business Writer

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  1. O’Malley’s is at it again. First he lies about funding Thorton, now he fires people because of politics. I thought that’s why we voted Ehrlich out? O’Malley is JUST like Ehrlich except with higher taxes!!!!!!