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Over-hauling technology

Thousands of web sites (or more), formerly hosted by Baltimore-based Alabanza, have been down for almost three days – and the frustrated clients are holding Alabanza’s new owner, Massachusetts-based NaviSite, responsible.

Over the weekend, NaviSite physically moved the servers from the Baltimore data center (think tractor-trailers) to a new home.

Unfortunately, many of Alabanza’s clients (who lease the servers from the company to power their Web sites) say they weren’t informed this was happening. And when complications arose, the situation worsened.

One client I spoke with this morning said she had 60 sites affected; she knows others who have thousands of sites, many still inaccessible right now.

These clients are converging online, sharing their stories and passing on tidbits on forums.

For its part, NaviSite writes on its Web site:

“We’ve run into a number of unexpected issues during the migration process. Ultimately, it is taking us longer to move [Alabanza clients] to this new environment than we had anticipated.

“As of 10 a.m. Monday morning, we believe we are down to a couple of gating issues that, when completed, will have the significant majority of you up and running by 1 p.m. EST today and close to 100% of the environment up by this evening.”

Are any of those affected able to share their experiences?

What kind of disruption has this caused your business?

-JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor

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  1. This is the worst fiasco that I have seen in a long while. The support is absolutely non- existant and the posts that they have on their web site are very misleading. These people are in for a serious lawsuit!