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Suit-ably attired

You probably know that cool colors such as light blues and whites are calming. But did you also know that they can portray the person wearing them as cold and impersonal? Marva Goldsmith, an image consultant, knew this but the witness she was coaching for a trial didn’t.

In fact, former model and actress Stevee Ashlock says courtrooms are like Hollywood in that whoever “puts on the best show wins.”

In my article today, “Appearances count in court,” image consultants say they can make a witness seem more credible to the jury by suggesting changes to dress, hairstyle and other non-verbal cues.

But are attorneys buying it?

Richard M. Karceski, a criminal defense attorney, isn’t. He said he doesn’t believe that “what every [defendant] looks like, or appears to be, makes a great deal of difference.”

Trial lawyer Paul Bekman said such advice might be useful to newer attorneys, but that courtroom “do’s and don’ts” became second nature to him a long time ago.

What do you think?

-LIZ FARMER, Legal Affairs Writer

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