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Oh, construction debris is frightful…

Yes, forecasters are calling for possible snow in Western Maryland this week, but hasn’t it been a little warm in Baltimore?

Well, if you’ve looked out of your downtown window and seen white powder swirling around, you’re not crazy, and it’s not residue from the Domino Fire.

Photographer Max Franz and I traveled by foot to the West Side Monday to check out some buildings for a story, and we captured an interesting spectacle.

A building near the corner of Howard and Franklin streets is shedding white foam as builders work on a re-siding project. The wind is catching the detritus and swirling it all around. As I write this on Monday evening, foam is still clinging to my socks. I’ve seen it as far east as Park Ave.

Have you experienced the foam, and is it OK with you that this is littering our beautiful downtown?

-ANDY ROSEN, Business Writer
Photograph by Maximilian Franz
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