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Better living through (vending) technology (access required)

When the vending machine in our break room was replaced recently, I quickly noticed a revolutionary feature of the new machine: my candy bar never gets stuck. No more gripping the big box by its shoulders and rocking its tasty treats free. No more leaving notes for the stocker to pay me back my loose change. Allow me to explain. Our vending machine is equipped with iVend technology, a lattice of infrared beams just above the tray where the candy falls.


  1. Dear Mr. Kearney, I read your post with interest. As the occasional benefactor of a misvend, I am deeply ambivalent about iVend technology. But I would be interested in a follow up piece: what happens when the machine is stocked with foreign objects (family-size bags of Tostitos, for eg) or when foreign currency is put in the machine?

  2. Cool story!

  3. The coin mechanisms on these machines are so advanced these days they can spot foreign coins and counterfeits without any problem – no point bringing in your holiday change