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I’ve got a case of workplace envy (access required)

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’ve got a slight case of workplace envy. I looked up the term in Webster’s (and even that Wikipedia Web site) and it doesn’t seem to exist, but still, I’ve got a case of it. On a business trip to New York yesterday, two of my colleagues and I attended training workshops at the Bloomberg Financial headquarters in New York City. The offices were located at 731 Lexington Street, and let’s just say the skyscraper and offices were very impressive. Plenty of glass windows looking out over the city, lots of cool hip places to chill with red sofas, modern art hanging everywhere, a semi-circular escalator entranceway (one of only two in the world, we were told). And did I mention free snacks? When I say free snacks, I mean lots of free snacks: small individual servings of potato chips, popcorn, cookies, oatmeal, fresh fruit and granola bars, fruit juices and bottled water. Free for everyone, even guests. When I asked why, the answer was "We work long days."

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  1. I always get a strong case of workplace envy this time of year. I look at my husband who gets a very nice bonus and two weeks off at the end of December. And then I think about my office’s version of the holidays — where I must pay to attend a lame holiday party and will likely be working until 5 on New Year’s Eve.

  2. The only time I feel this workplace envy is when I hear my friends talk about how they go for happy hours after work, and have free gym access. Sometimes I feel like I miss out on the social aspect that others have working for large companies.