Md. sales tax increases to help Delaware?

When our state sales tax rises to 6 percent in January, Delaware retailers are hoping to glean even more business from Marylanders willing to cross state lines to purchase big-ticket items. The (Salisbury) Daily Times reports that some Maryland shoppers already drive past the state line, far into Delaware to buy those expensive purchases (HD TV, ...

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  1. This increase in a joke.. its just the same thing we keep seeing everyday – prices going up and everything else just getting more and more expensive. However, Marylanders should petition and fight against the 6% increase and only then with a strong fight from petitioners is it then possible for the sales tax to be reduced back to 5%. I just see this as a way for state legislature to make more money on people.

    Just hope they won’t tax our paychecks at 6%!

  2. This is exactly why we need stricter border controls! Those Delawarians come to Maryland don’t learn our language. Take all the best landscaping jobs.

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