Left holding the (brown) bag

It’s not often you get to have lunch with a U.S. Senator. Yet that’s exactly what I did yesterday. Actually, I should rephrase that: I got to watch a U.S. Senator have lunch yesterday. You see, at the end of his first year in the Senate, Ben Cardin (right) invited a small group of reporters for a “brown bag lunch” in his Washington office. As a political junkie, it was a pretty cool assignment, and as a reporter, it was nice to have the undivided attention of sitting U.S. Senator for an hour and a half. Let me tell you, that is a hell of a lot of access. But I didn’t know what the protocol for a brown bag lunch at a Senator’s office was. Did I bring my own food or did they provide it? I ended up sticking a sandwich and chips in my briefcase. I figured if I needed to bring the food, I’d just pull it out of my bag, and if they provided it, I had lunch for the next day. Well neither happened.

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  1. So, let’s get this straight. You were too intimidated to eat what you had brought to a “brown bag lunch,” presumably because none of your other peers were eating, and then you discuss the Senator’s eating habits since he decided to actually eat lunch at said “brown bag lunch.” Instead of reporting on what the Senator actually said. Wow.

  2. If you’re interested in Louis’s (more serious) story on Cardin, here’s a link.

    I’ve added it to the post, as well. My apologies for not providing it this morning.

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