“The Wire” creator cast as the angriest man on TV

"The Wire creates a vision of official Baltimore as a heavy, self-justified bureaucracy, gripped by its own byzantine logic and criminally unconcerned about the lives of ordinary people, who enter it at their own risk." So writes Mark Bowden in the January issue of Atlantic Monthly, in a piece entitled "The Angriest Man on Television." It ...

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  1. How’s this for some clarity:

    Mark Bowden is a career-long friend of Bill Marimow and John Carroll, going back to their years together at the Philly Inquirer. And Marimow hired him back as a columnist at the paper about a year ago. And, oh, his book was warmly reviewed in the Inquirer by the reporter that Simon accuses of fabrications, and Bowden, in turn, blurbed the fabricating reporter’s book.

    Does all the hyperbolic effort to describe Simon’s emotions and allegiances now seem, well, a little hypocritical?