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What the realtor ads don’t tell you (access required)

You may have seen one of the ads recently put forth as part of a $40 million ad campaign by the National Association of Realtors. The spots attempt to sell you on the long-term benefits of being a homeowner (you know, maintenance, repairs, property taxes...). But Advertising Age says the ads may be misleading: On the [related ...

One comment

  1. The question of real estate being a surefire investment….. It is if you take care of the property! Hasn’t it been until the greedy, ruthless people got involved & created this mess? Many of these foreclosures are not at all maintained! Some of these people should have never been given a loan! Credit is established for a reason.

    As a REALTOR, I have a hard time seeing how this ad is misleading. NAR is simply trying to send a message of confidence and help keep the economy going. Of all the things in the world to worry about, you pick an organization devoted to its Code of Ethics to write a story on?