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UnderArmour: “The future is ours”?

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What did you think of UnderArmour’s ad during the first quarter of last night’s SuperBowl?

The athletic apparel company’s stock price fell by more than a third earlier this month, after an analyst questioned UA’s upcoming ad blitz – including the SuperBowl spot. As of this posting, stock price was back up to nearly $44/share.

In a Saturday article about the Baltimore-based company, ua.jpgWaPo wrote that CEO Kevin A. Plank described the ad as “the coming-out party for more than 100 million people, to introduce them to the Under Armour brand.”

Smart buy, or waste of money?


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  1. Absolute waste!!! They could have spent the money on a much bigger ad buy. Who put down their beer and wings yesterday long enough to see what the commercial was about.

  2. I suppose it depends on how many of those 100 million people are willing to spend $50+ per piece of workout attire. Personally, I go to the gym everyday and I wouldn’t spend the money on UA.

  3. I think UA is brilliant in spending money on Ads. They potentially had 100 million people seeing this Ad, especially since the 1st quarter is when everyone really pays attention to Ads. I agree that the message was gritty, but not to the target audiance. They aren’t speaking to the previous person who left comments. They are targeting true athletes that run stadiums in the pouring rain or snow until they puke, not the $150/mo athletic club priss who always has matching work-out gear and think because they broke a sweat they just trained. I think the Ad will prove to be successful.

  4. That was a great ad. You have to spend money to make money… and they will make a ton of money from that ad. Ninety million people now know that UnderArmour is great athletic equipment and not a deodorant.