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Attorney Billy Murphy on “The Wire”

jackie.sauter//February 19, 2008

Attorney Billy Murphy on “The Wire”

By jackie.sauter

//February 19, 2008

billy_murphy.jpgDid anyone see Baltimore attorney Billy Murphy‘s cameo performance on “The Wire” Sunday night?

Here’s a synopsis of one scene with Murphy in it, from the HBO’s synopsis of the episode, Took:

State Senator R. Clayton “Clay” Davis tries to talk defense attorney Billy Murphy into taking on his case without receiving his full fee up front. Davis offers $25k up front and $25k when Murphy seats a jury. Murphy insists on his full $200K fee, but Davis counters that he’s giving him a great publicity opportunity going up against State’s Attorney Rupert Bond. Charmed, Murphy tells Clay to save his silver-tongued salesmanship for the jury.

And here’s from the ep’s Wikipedia entry:

Senator Davis appears in court, and it looks as though he is going to be heading to prison. With the amount of paperwork that Freamon and Sydnor got on Davis, it didn’t seem like he could get off. That was until he hired Billy Murphy to help him out with his case.

Let us know what you thought of Murphy and “Took.”



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