Boston Legal takes on the Supreme Court

Last night on ABC’s “Boston Legal,” an attorney at the fictitious firm of Crane, Poole & Schmidt argued a death penalty case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Material for the episode was likely derived from the actual case of Patrick Kennedy, a black man from Louisiana sentenced to death for the rape of his then ...


  1. Yes, like much of what goes on in the courts of Boston Legal, Alan Shore’s argument it is stunningly unbelieveable, but …
    I wish I had written it.

  2. got news for you

    There are plenty of attorneys, including myself, who would speak to the Supreme Court this way. I for one lost all respect for this institution after Bush v. Gore. Never again will I believe that this court actually stands for anything more than an extension of a political agenda.

    For way too long attorneys have given other attorneys who wear a black dress (judges) way too much respect. As someone who works in the Public Defender’s Office I’m sick of these good ole boys who get into office based upon who their daddy was or who they’re friends with at a particular moment. The black robe disease is not just a euphemism, at this point I would make the argument that is a full blown mental disorder which should probably be included in the new addition of the DSM.

    So knowing that I would probably never have the opportunity to get in front of the Supreme Court to let them have it, ala Alan Shore, it was very enjoyable knowing that at least someone out there, David Kelley, thinks like me. I would gladly give up my bar card and risk a contempt citation to make the case that was made on Boston Legal.

    I once was in a dead dog loser case that was forced into trial due to a minimum mandatory law, so at close I did take the opportunity to skewer the system, the courts and the politicians. Thank goodness I was friendly with the prosecutor and he knew he had a slam dunk case and decided to let me say my peace without objection. It was cathardic and I felt great afterward. What I said was the truth and perhaps someday I’ll have my chance at the SCOTUS to give those empty black robes a nice dressing down.

  3. Just for the record, the man who raped the child in the show would get the death penalty. If somebody can understand that they are going to die then under the current trend, the are eligable for the death penalty.

  4. AL GORE brought it into the courts. You lost…..this is not the third grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Boston Legal is a breath of fresh air. It is too bad our media does not write about the law breaking, and shreading of our Constitution like Alan Shore does. This truly is great TV

  6. This episode was the best hour ever seen on TV. From a huge sports fan this means a lot. I am preparing a complete sales motivation speach based on this episode.

  7. I tried something like this a few years ago in a written brief before the Calif. Court of Appeal, though toned down quite a bit. A little bit about how the court was out of touch with what was really happening. It is something you might write, but never say face to face. Ran it by my father first. He told me to forget it and he was right. You can’t change the minds of close minded people. You just aggrevate them. Sometimes you just go through the motions in making legal arguments, knowing the outcome beforehand based on who is handling your case. The expressions on the judges’ faces are exactly what I face when I am arguing a case before a close minded court. They just sit without any engagement and stoned faced, and you know it is hopeless. The program touched on what most Americans don’t understand. That the most important thing about a President (or a governor in some states) is the power of judicial appointment.

  8. thomas keplinger

    does anyone know if Allan has won this case at the Supreme Court? and if, in which one one could see the result?
    thank you all,

  9. While defending Alan, Melvin Palmer tells the Utah judge about Alan “taking on the supreme court” and “winning the case”. Alan argued before the supreme court in season four but the outcome was not revealed. This confirms that Alan won that Supreme Court case

  10. best show ever William Shatner has got to be the most talented actor in current history thanks bill barry