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If the fountain’s on, can the Full Towson be far behind?

fountain.jpgForget the calendar. Reason No. 15 you know it’s officially springtime in Towson: the fountain in the Circuit Court plaza was turned on this week.

Reason No. 1 you know it’s springtime in the Baltimore County seat is what an editor who shall remain nameless calls “The Full Towson”: white shoes and a white belt with a summer suit, with bonus points for seersucker or white linen. The look is more common after Memorial Day, apparently, but people might be jumping the gun.

I’ve seen a little seersucker in my travels, but have yet to spot a white suit a la Tom Wolfe or even a linen suit, let alone the elusive FT. If you or someone you know is sporting any or all of these looks, please alert me immediately. Or at least take a picture.

DANNY JACOBS, Legal Affairs Writer

One comment

  1. The white shoes and white belt will not be seen in Towson until after Memorial Day.

    Haven’t you ever seen “Serial Mom?” People have been killed in that courthouse for wearing white shoes out of season!