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Lamdin case proves it: Black robe’s no bar to foot-in-mouth disease

whoops.jpgCalling a defendant a “crackhead” might not be the worst thing ever said in a courtroom. But that comment, along with others, landed Maryland District Judge Bruce S. Lamdin in hot water when the Court of Appeals suspended him for 30 days without pay starting Monday.

The Baltimore County judge admitted to violating the Code of Judicial Conduct in 14 separate cases, where his inappropriate comments included swearing and insinuating that circuit court judges spend their afternoons drinking cocktails.

Lamdin also told a defendant that “I could give you some time to get money together to pay a fine, but then I’d punish your children and they are already punished enough by having you for a father,” the opinion states.

Lamdin isn’t the only judge who’s put his foot in his mouth. In December 2007, Clark County (Oregon) Superior Court Judge John P. Wulle was censured for comments made during a four-day juvenile drug court conference that appeared to be racially biased, homophobic and anti-Semitic.

What is the worst thing you’ve heard a judge say from the bench? Can any top Lamdin’s faux pas?

CHRISTINA DORAN, Assistant Legal Editor