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Mayor shows off sarcasm at fashion week announcement

In June, Sun columnist Laura Vozella took aim at Mayor Sheila Dixon for a little shopping spree she took with her former flame, developer Ronald Lipscomb.

As the details of their affair emerged, Vozella chronicled their high-end shopping habits through documents obtained by the newspaper:

In Chicago four years ago, in the space of one day and three Michigan Avenue blocks, Dixon and Lipscomb dropped more than $7,000 at Armani, Saks Fifth Avenue, Coach and Niketown.

Dixon was the bigger spender, whipping out her own AmEx for $570 Jimmy Choo sandals from Saks. She also spent $600 at Coach and $4,410 at Giorgio Armani. Along with the Saks beauty aids, Lipscomb spent $150 at Coach, $636 at Armani and $237 at Niketown.

Yesterday, the mayor struck back. At a news conference announcing events planned for the upcoming Baltimore’s Fashion Week, Dixon told the crowd she was disappointed Vozella wasn’t present.

“What a shame,” she said. “We could have taught her a thing or two about fashion. This is the sarcastic side of Mayor Sheila Dixon.”

No word yet from Vozella on the mayor’s comments.

The mayor also got a little snippy when Jeff Hagar from WMAR-TV Channel 2 News asked if she saw any irony in her involvement with the fashion event in light of this summer’s revelations about her love for steeply-priced stilettos.

“I don’t even connect the two,” she said. “Now, you as the media, you have to do that because this is what you want to do. You want to try to destroy people’s characters…I look good, I wear great shoes and I want these young people to know that they look good as well.”

DANIELLE ULMAN, Business Writer