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The ups and downs of the courthouse elevators

Employees and visitors to Baltimore County Circuit Court may have to wait longer than usual for elevators in the weeks to come – but this time it’s for a good reason.

Four of the eight public elevators in the Towson courthouse are now being modernized, including the infamous elevator No. 10, which last month suddenly dropped less than two feet after letting passengers off on the first floor. County officials later determined the cause was a door malfunction.

Elevator No. 10 is being upgraded at the same time as adjacent elevator No. 9 on the north side of the building. On the south side, one set of elevators already has been modernized, while the other set already was being worked on when the incident with elevator No. 10 occurred.

No word yet on when the four disabled elevators will be up (or down) and working again.

DANNY JACOBS, Legal Affairs Writer

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  1. Lets get new elevators in the Baltimore City Circuit Court building next.