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Can K&S keep its office open?

When the Court of Appeals suspended (PDF) lemon-law attorneys Craig Kimmel and Robert Silverman last week, the big question was whether the Maryland office of their firm, Kimmel & Silverman, could operate during their suspension. Kimmel and Silverman, whose firm is based in Pennsylvania, are each admitted to practice in three states, but neither is admitted in Maryland. Their office here, in Baltimore County, has been staffed by Maryland lawyers working under the Kimmel & Silverman name.

The suspension won’t go into effect for several weeks, and 90 days after it does, Kimmel and Silverman will have the right to reapply.

I called Bar Counsel Mel Hirshman yesterday (he was out of the office last week and unavailable to talk) and asked him if Kimmel & Silverman could keep its Maryland office during the suspension.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “Not, at least, under that name.”

I’ve asked a spokesman for the firm for his comment. I’ll provide an update, either by blog or story, on what happens next.

CARYN TAMBER, Legal Affairs Writer

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  1. That firm is laughable. In the legal community – they are jokes – how they practice law – shady, shady, shady!