Basu with the news

Anirban Basu, the local economics luminary who runs the Sage Policy Group, knows how to give a good talk. His presentations, more than any professorial type I’ve ever seen, make the audience laugh, and never really degenerate into the dense jargon and technical talk that plagues a lot of business writing and management seminars. So on Tuesday at the Maryland Association of Realtor’s annual convention in Ocean City, we took some notes at Basu’s talk on Maryland’s economic forecast, so you and your business don’t have to pay him for the same. Here’s what we learned: The second half of 2008 will be worse than the first, because the federal income tax rebate checks are done stimulating the economy, and because the first round of foreclosures staved off by emergency state legislation to revive the housing market will hit the fan this Fall. In Maryland, we’re gaining jobs in the education and health sectors, leisure industries, natural resources/mining, and government services. We’re losing jobs in information technology, manufacturing, construction and finance.

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