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A proving ground for container housing

If you like converted shipping containers as a housing option for Mexican border towns (see today’s Uncover Story), how about putting them in Monkton?

A nursery owner famous for his irises had a double-container house built for one of his workers after the state said the man could no longer live in an RV on the property, according to this story from the North County News.

L. Bruce Hornstein and partner Lee Dorman were so taken with the result — painted to match their own house, and built to Harford County code — that they formed a production company, Steel’s the Answer. They envision not just houses but “villages for migrant workers or for the homeless.”

The director of Harford County’s Office of Economic Development offered another intriguing possibility: using the houses to accommodate the influx of federal workers brought to Maryland under BRAC. (No, he didn’t specify Aberdeen Proving Ground; I’m just guessing that’s what the director of Harford County’s Office of Economic Development means when he says “BRAC.”)

Call me skeptical, but I don’t see this as a big draw for all those folks who’d rather stay in New Jersey.

BARBARA GRZINCIC, Managing Editor/Law