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But is he suspension-proof?

The Texas State Bar has filed a grievance against a criminal defense lawyer who made what I suspect my editors would prefer I call simply “an obscene gesture” while standing before a judge with a client.

Following Adam Reposa’s display, the judge threw him out of the courtroom and found him in contempt. He was convicted but is pursuing an appeal and has reportedly called the bar’s grievance “fascism.”

The grievance charges that Reposa’s colorful gesture hurt the client whom he was representing at the time.

My favorite part of this mess is that Reposa is listed on the Texas Bar’s Web site as Adam “Bulletproof” Reposa. I was curious about whether someone could get away with that here, so I called the MSBA. I was told that when the bar makes up its lawyer directory, it gets all of its information on names from the court system, which only changes names if they are legally altered.

But the good news for Reposa is that if he ever wants to run for office in Maryland, “Bulletproof” might be able to make it on the ballot. “The Bulletproof,” on the other hand, probably couldn’t.

CARYN TAMBER, Legal Affairs Writer