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Support your local sports team — in Hebrew

Point 1: Several years ago, while doing research on a story about a Maryland state junket to Israel, I registered for the Jerusalem Post’s Web site. I now receive the occasional email from the newspaper.

Point 2: I don’t usually like sports team apparel that incorporates camouflage. Or lots of patches. Or really anything that’s drastically different from a team’s actual uniform and/or colors.

Orioles t-shirtWhich brings me to one of the best pieces of fan clothing I’ve ever seen. Thanks to the most recent email from the Jerusalem Post, I can help you — denizens of Baltimore — buy Hebrew shirts of your favorite sports team. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL — you name it, they’ve probably got it. It also shows just how iconic many of these logos are, with the fact that you can change the team name and still easily recognize the club.

And as a short cut, here are the Orioles and Ravens t-shirts (sweatshirts available, too).

So show some team spirit. I’m sure our managing editor for business is already thinking about buying a Ravens shirt.

JOE BACCHUS, Web Specialist

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