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The Slurpee’s arrival in Mt. Vernon

Today’s paper has a story about a dispute over a 7-Eleven coming to the block just south of Baltimore’s famous Mt. Vernon Place. Since posting the story online, we’ve received at least one suggestion from a reader of an alternative commercial space to put the 24-hour convenience store. Problem is, the reader’s suggestion happened to be on the same block.

The federal historic district that surrounds Mt. Vernon Place includes only the four parks surrounding the Washington Monument – although many of the buildings that front on those parks are also preserved as historic places.

What do you think of the idea of putting a 7-Eleven franchise, which won’t exactly blend in with the Victorian architecture around there, but according to zoning rules is completely legitimate for the site, at the foot of the South plaza next to the monument? Is it an appropriate use? Is it worth it for those 3 a.m. Big Gulp cravings?

ROBBIE WHELAN, Business Writer

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  1. I’m not as oppose to having a convenience store at the foot of that building as I am with that ultra hideous senior housing tower directly across from it…

  2. A coffee shop, a news stand, a deli, a pub…. Any number of businesses could have gone into that spot, but none did and the building has mostly sat empty for years. If 7-Eleven is capable of operating a store that is respectful of its neighborhood (no garish signs, keeping the interior clean, asking patrons not to double-park), then I say “Welcome to Charles Street.”