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Rapper uncovered his own tracks

Rico Wright is not unlike a lot of people who brag about their accomplishments. But he might be the only one to receive 20 years in jail because of his boasting.

Wright, 25, was sentenced on two counts of aggravated assault yesterday by a judge in Dublin, Ga., for the September 2006 shooting of Chad Blue. Wright was convicted in August. During the trial, he and his mother testified he was home at the time of the shooting.

Prosecutors overcame Wright’s alibi with a CD given to Blue by a friend before the trial started. On a track called “Hitting Licks for a Living,” Blue said, Wright can be heard rapping, “Chad Blue knows how I shoot.”

No word yet on whether Wright shares an agent with Skinny Suge; or whether prosecutors intend to pursue charges against Bob Marley or Eric Clapton for their fatal confrontations with law enforcement back in the ’70s.

DANNY JACOBS, Legal Affairs Writer