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A funktastic legal battle

New York writer Twanna Hines hustled and scrapped to become Funky Brown Chick and she’s not about to let some Funky-come-lately take the elevator to her sex-blogging heights.

Last week, Hines sued Yesha Callahan of Odenton, who blogs as Funky Black Chick, alleging trademark infringement. The same day we published a brief on Brown v. Black, Hines posted her own out-of-court 2 cents.

Hines claimed to “support online media” but said she can’t stomach having “put in the hard work to build a house for myself — only to have someone else enter it and attempt to live there as if it was her own.”

A cursory glance at the two dozen (at last count) comments in response to her post shows Funky Brown Chick has backers, some of whom are legally savvy.

Whither Funky Black Chick? Well, her Web site went down Friday afternoon, reemerged earlier this week, and as of this afternoon, is again “Forbidden” — and not in some flirty sex-blogger sense. Has the federal lawsuit changed her “no homo” tune?

BRENDAN KEARNEY, Legal Affairs Writer

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  1. LMAO!

    Funny, I’ve never heard of either blogger..but it seems as though someone has delusions of grandeur…and it doesn’t seem as though the ‘black’ chick’s site is down..i just read it and it’s pretty funny.