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Beware of the blogging juror

Are you a litigator?

If so, how much attention are you paying to blogs and Facebook profiles? No, not your own — your jurors’.

This is an old post, but it’s new to me and maybe to you, too. Anne Reed at the Deliberations blog writes:

And there’s the blogging juror here who knows she can’t write about the case, but thinks that “doesn’t mean I can’t give people a a glimpse of the people I am dealing with,” and so gives a great sketch of each person in the courtroom.  (“The lead defense lawyer. When he is trying to make a point when questioning a witness he beats his hand on the jury box.  “So you *wham* are telling me *wham* that blah blah blah blah blah  BLAH! *WHAM*”)

This is going to happen to you.  It’s going to happen to you.  It’s going to happen to you.

Reed recommends searching prospective jurors’ names online and asking them if they blog. She also advises conducting Internet searches during trial to pick up any anonymous juror bloggers.

Anyone out there ever run into jurors blogging/Facebooking/Twittering about a case?

Thanks to Jon Katz at the Underdog blog for the link.

CARYN TAMBER, Legal Affairs Writer