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Death of a warranty

About a week ago I sat down to write a blog post about the imminent death of Circuit City, and what its demise would mean for my (rather expensive) store warranty for my television (verdict: it would die, too).

But then other work happened, my reminder note got pushed to a different pile and then lost in the jumbled mess that is my desk.

Yesterday the television’s HDMI port went on the fritz.

So now what can I do? Chances are: nothing. The TV, though a bit on the old side now, is still the most expensive purchase I’ve ever made, which is why I made the decision to pay several hundred dollars extra for a guarantee that Circuit City would fix or replace it if something went wrong. I’m still in the warranty time period – I just don’t see the store leaping to help as it’s trying to sell off the last of its merchandise. And it’s not as if the tech people about to be laid off are too invested in keeping my business.

It’s annoying as anything, but I don’t really blame the company. I took a risk and bought the insurance, never imagining the television would out-live the store. Maybe there’s some hidden meaning in the timing – unplug, go outside and sniff some flowers. Maybe run through a field.

Then again, maybe it’s the perfect excuse for an electronic upgrade.

JOE BACCHUS, Web Specialist