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Put me down for one of these

Whether you’re still gainfully employed or one of the many victims of the economic downturn, the last few months haven’t been easy. More layoffs seem to lurk around every turn. And when news of The Baltimore Examiner’s closure broke this morning, it was an especially rough moment to be a journalist.

Which is why I might consider a career in Factoring. True, I only barely recognize the term from Algebra class, but apparently the median annual salary is $79,846 and “Factors” are predicted to be ‘in demand’ in 2009 (HT: Payscale).

Frankly, I find it encouraging that there are even 10 career fields to compile for a Top 10 list of in-demand jobs; Ron Mitchell, CEO and co-founder of a career coaching service, GottaMentor, points out: “There is a lot of money flowing into companies right now due to the stimulus package.”

Here are the rest of the careers we should go back to school for:

  • Auditors
  • Job counselors
  • Healthcare technicians
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Nurses
  • Software designers
  • Networking/System Administrators
  • Public Relations professionals
  • Psychological counselors

Get the full facts here.