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Examiner bids adieu (access required)

The Baltimore Examiner’s last issue Sunday featured a front page covered by a photo of the Inner Harbor with the headline “Goodbye, Baltimore…Thanks for reading.” The issue was filled with not just news, but with sad goodbyes from the daily newspaper’s staff and their readers. State House Bureau Chief Len Lazarick wrote in his final column ...


  1. As I moved to the Baltimore area several months ago, I was introduced to the Examiner. A free newspaper-being from Michigan, I was astounded by the concept and was immediately intrigued. I found the paper informative and introspective of the area, from the neighborhood profiles, to school event coverage, I had found a quality source of news. I will miss the Examiner, especially the entertainment listings of live venues and music in the Baltimore area. I’m sad to see the examiner leave.

  2. I’d be interested in more information (sourced by an actual journalist) about and their business model– from what little I can find and have heard around the way, it appears to be a completely separate business entity
    ( ) based on the revenue model of convincing people to write for free (or worse than free, as owns writers’ content and the right to repurpose it in any fashion: ), then selling ads around it.

    Are they actually getting people to do this? why would someone want to, if you could go to and get your own blog for free? And are people reading these entries and coming back?
    I guess the overhead is low, so maybe it is profitable, if they really do have a thousand people who are so starved for eyeballs…