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Retail Groundhog Day

You ever get the feeling you’re being fed the same thing just on a different plate? E-mails from the folks at the National Retail Federation have had that vibe lately.

Since the economy started free-falling last fall, virtually every news release about holiday spending has been the same thing: people aren’t spending as much as they did before. The concept is barely news to anyone at this point, but you’ve got to hand it to the NRF: they keep trying for creative ways to tell us.

For example:

  •  (the latest release) Easter: “The Easter bunny will be handing out fewer jelly beans, chocolates and other gifts this year, as even he is cutting back.”
  • St. Patrick’s Day: “Americans are more likely to stash any ‘pot o’ gold’ they find rather than spend it.”
  • Valentine’s Day: “There’s one thing that love may not conquer this year: the economy.”

Can anyone think of the next clever tag line for our next major holiday, Mother’s Day?