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Video: Making a match

johns-hopkins-match-daymf18.jpgThe college application process is always a stressful time. I remember checking my mailbox every day during my senior year of high school, anxiously waiting to hear from my top schools.

Can you imagine the pressure medical students nationwide felt yesterday, knowing that they would be opening a letter that seals their fate for the next 3-5 years?

Yesterday, I attended the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s “match day” with fellow reporter Danielle Ulman.

Danielle illustrated the drama of the event well in the lede of her story in today’s paper. She wrote:

Thirty minutes and a velvet rope stood between medical students and their futures. As the clock ticked down to noon Thursday, anticipation seemed to bubble over in a room filled with fourth-year medical students…

Watch the video below to watch students’ reactions from beginning to end.

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