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Want to save money and energy? Flip the switch.

Be honest here: Do you turn off your computer when you leave work for the day? Most of you probably don’t. It’s not your energy bill, right? I have a few coworkers who seem to think shutting down their system is an annual occasion.

Well, now’s the time to start doing it regularly: as companies cut costs and staff, the state faces rolling blackouts and the world works – in varying degrees of diligence – to go green.

Shutting down our systems at night could save companies billions in cash while saving the environment.

There are 108 million PCs in the United States, and about half of them aren’t shut down at COB, according to 1E, an energy-management software company that’s released a report on the issue. Leaving computers on emits 20 million tons of carbon dioxide – about four million vehicles’ worth.

1E projects that a company with 10,000 PCs can save $260,000+ each year simply by shutting the machines off at night. Maybe they could save a few jobs, too.

“PCs can be a tremendous drain on electricity,” Doug Washburn, an analyst at Forrester Research, told Jon Swartz of USA Today. “During a nine-hour workday, [they aren’t] always in use because of lunch, meetings and other things.”

So if you’re looking for a way to save your company money – and save your job – look at your power strip.