Hold onto your hats – it’s PETA’s take on Pimlico

I suppose I should have been surprised that it had taken PETA this long to issue a statement about what's going on with Pimlico Race Course here in Baltimore. Yet, I still had that gut, "Are you kidding me?!?" reaction when I saw the letter the group sent to Gov. Martin O'Malley this morning. If Baltimore ...

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  1. There are a lot of people, aside from those in PETA, who oppose the treatment of horses in the horse racing industry. Take a poll of real horse people, the cowboy/rancher types, and they can tell you how awful horse racing is to horses, including the wear and tear on their bodies.

    Growing up out west, I was friends with a horse trainer. When I met him, he had been a trainer for over 50 years, had a remarkable reputation and people would come from out of state to get his assistance with their horses. He never used whips, spurs, etc. to train his horses. And, on several occasions I got quite an earful about the horrors of the horse racing industry.

    As for your last statement, PETA, has come up with quite a few suggestions about the ethical treatment of animals what are more “mainstream.” PETA has on its website a listing of companies that do and do not test their products on animals. IMHO, that’s quite a helpful suggestion.