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Running from police in the Baltimore 10-miler

OK, so what’s the ONE time it’s OK to run away from cops? That would be during the Baltimore 10-Miler on June 20. This year’s race will feature “Caught by the Commish,” a fundraiser for the Baltimore Police Department, in which Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld will start the race last and attempt to pass as many runners as possible.

“It’s a neat way to get the department really involved rather than just standing up on podium,” said Lee Corrigan, of Corrigan Sports, who is organizing the race.

(I’ll reserve the Baltimore/running from police jokes for the comments section…)

Bealefeld will run with one of the police trainees, according to Corrigan. For every person he catches they’ll get a sticker that says “Caught by the Commish” and a donation will be made to the Police Activity League. A similar contest last year in the race featured sports radio host Mark Viviano.

Corrigan also noted that as of this morning there were only a few hundred spots left in the race. This is the second year the 10-Miler has been run — last year’s race had 2,000 openings and sold out; Corrigan said they have opened up the field this year to 3,000 runners and he expects it to be sold out as well.