Are Baltimore and Washington baseball doomed?

Let's face it -- I don't care how loyal you are or how much you love the history of baseball in this region, it's not a good week to be an Orioles or Nationals fan. Let's start with the O's: on Tuesday, Sports Illustrated came out with its best and worst owners list and guess who came in as the worst owner in baseball? You got it, our very own Peter Angelos. Since the lawyer bought the team for $173 million in 1993, the team has had two playoff appearances and posted a .486 winning percentage. Sure, the team's value has more than doubled to $400 million, but one might argue the O's could have been worth a lot more than that now. Here's what SI had to say: "[In 1993, the team] was a year removed from its Camden Yards debut with a stacked roster Angelos allowed former GM Pat Gillick to build....Then Angelos began his notorious meddling, firing popular manager Davey Johnson, burning through another five managers, killing trades proposed by his GMs and stripping down one of baseball's proudest franchises." But I'd argue the Nats have it worse. Owner Ted Lerner, who bought the team in 2006 was named the fifth-worst owner in baseball. The team has actually gone down in value by $44 million from its purchase price of

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